Direct Response Marketing Techniques

Direct response refers to a type of marketing that is used to get a direct response from a potential client or customer. Typically, when you are trying to specifically reach a customer or a past customer who needs a particular product or service, you would use a form of direct response marketing. In order for a potential customer to order your product or service, they must response to you directly by visiting your website or calling a given 800 number. Direct response marketing is used in a variety of infomercials, where you see the pitch or idea behind the product, the benefits of using the product and then the number to call in which you can order the product.

There are many ways to reach your customers through direct response marketing. Direct response television marketing simply refers to those infomercials or commercials that provide information on how to contact you to order. Direct response radio advertisements work about the same way as those in television, with the exceptions of being less expensive and reaching out through the airwaves as opposed to a half-hour television program. Magazines are also used in direct response marketing and can be very effective when used properly.

In order for your direct response marketing campaign to work however, you need to know some crucial elements to include. You should keep in mind your target audience. In other words, never try to sell your product or service to someone who does not need it. Market your brand to customers who have the need and the potential of ordering. You should always perform follow-ups on all customers who order from you. This way you get an idea of those who are interested and can rule out those who are not.

Your advertising itself is important. Many marketers have found that advertisements set in such a way as to resemble news works brilliantly. These ads do not even seem like ads, but news blurbs. Most consumers take time to listen to or watch the news. Be sure that ads in this aspect provide customers with a way to respond. You should list your website or telephone number and, in many cases, your physical address or that of your company should also be listed. The more ways you have for customers to contact you, the better your response will be. Consumers tend to be wary of companies that do not list contact information, so be sure to share this information in your advertisement.

Now, you have surely heard the old saying that “curiosity killed the cat”. In advertising however, curiosity is exactly what you hope to accomplish. If your potential customers are not curious, then they likely will not even make it to the point of your ad that includes your contact or ordering information. This is why you should keep something back. Giving the public all the information that they need is good on one hand, but you want to leave something to spark their interest. Consider using your advertisement to create a teaser for consumers so that they will definitely call or head to your website in order to gain additional information.

Finally, you have probably already heard the importance of testing. This can not be said enough. Testing is one of the main ways that you will learn how to market your product or service more effectively. It is also important to keep track of your results for a particular marketing campaign. If you find that a specific technique is not working, then re-evaluate it or choose another technique.

Keeping these things in mind will help you to create the best direct response marketing for your particular product. When used correctly, these techniques can virtually thrust you into success. And, it is important to never underestimate the power of an upsell.